BAMsystem Book

Learn the system!  If you have a desire to memorize scripture and alot of it... you need a way to make it effecient!  We can help!

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Foundational Bible Truths

This lesson book will help you win souls and desciple!

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Childrens Book

Not just for kids... These books have the system encode into the pictures to help you memorize Books, Chapters, and Verses...  Your kids will like it and you will too.

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We at the BAMsystem beleive...

There is a better way, than what than what the average teacher teaches, to grow as a christian.  We believe, and are confident that it is God's Word that transforms lives.  We have tapped into a way to use anceint memory techniques to harness the power to retain the scriptures in our mind so that we can meditate on them.

By retaining large amounts of scripture in our memory, we begin to understand scripture at a level you would not have thought possible.

Bottom line is this... God has saved us to not only be with Him in all of eternity, but that we should bare much fruit (John 15:7-8).  There is no time to waste, make that first step today!

Basic Bible Truths Lesson 5

Next Steps...

Let us know you are thinking about getting started, or want to start now.  We are excited to hear from you!!!